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The Steampunk Console Project

The Steampunk Console Project - Steampunk Keyboard , an Update, Crimefighting, etc.

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The Steampunk Console Project - Steampunk Keyboard , an Update, Crimefighting, etc.

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Forgotten Realms Fringe Division
I'm continuing to make slow progress, focusing... mostly... on my own rendition of a Steampunk Keyboard for the console's computer. Hopefully this process will be accelerated by my impending purchase of a new bench grinder ( ...let's see... cheap on-sale 6-inch department-store grinder, or an 8-inch "Jet"!... cheap on-sale grinder... or a "Baldor"!... $$$!! Ack!!! ). With the next greatest problem being: How to make the best possible use of this wonderful collection of gears I've amassed ( this, given my recent acquisition of some vintage Gibert-Erector, Meccano, and other gearage, now represents about half of my collection ):

In the case of the keyboard, I at least intend to have certain keys ( like shift, tab, Ctrl, etc. ) trigger various mechanical reactions ( with the "Enter" giving a nice typewriter carriage-return type "zzzzztt! Ding!!" ). As for the rest... I've found a free online reference that might help:


... along with Tim Robinson's Meccano Computing Machinery web site ( http://www.meccano.us/ ), of course.

Speaking of which, I've recently found the following... thoroughly wonderful!... online comic:


An alternate-reality Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace!... as a dynamic duo ( always loved "The Avengers" ) using their inventiveness, math skills, and their gargantuan Difference Engine, in the fight against Crime, Corruption, Chaos, Monsters, Poetry, and Aliens! As I said, thoroughly wonderful!!! Please give the artist all your support as I, for one, would like to see more. I think I will definitely buy one of her coffee mugs!

Anyway, maybe some more details on the keyboard later. For now, I've just updated the February 8th, 2009 entry to include more photos and details in the construction of the panel-lamps... which shall, henceforth, be known as "PPBL's" ( ping-pong ball lights ) in recognition of darthdalek1138's rendering of them.

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