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The Steampunk Console Project

The Steampunk Console Project - A New Render, and MORE... such as "Why is this taking so LONG?"

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The Steampunk Console Project - A New Render, and MORE... such as "Why is this taking so LONG?"

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Forgotten Realms Fringe Division
Well, in addition to updating the last entry ( July 31st, 2010 ), I finally dug out my TrueSpace, and re-rendered that hypothetical and highly idealized 3D computer model representing something of what I hope to eventually end up with by working on all this nonsense. Here you go!...

The full image is 1280 x 1024 pixels and is shown, here, reduced in size. And, unfortunately, as a jpeg image, which reduces some of the detail. But, just click on the images to move up to the full size.

So, as you can see, I've changed a couple things... I've changed the perspective, altered a couple props, simplified the flooring, changed and simplified the lighting... and STILL it doesn't look right!

For one thing, the iron girders are still relatively simple objects, with ridges and surface details left to bump-mapping a simple bitmap texture. So I may need to try this again by detailing the model's geometry, and using procedural texturing ( which will increase the render time ).

The lighting, I suppose, is an improvement from the previous attempt. A little less stark. But still too simple, having been achieved by only six interior point-lights, and a single bright infinite-light coming from the viewer's perspective. Imagine that the main door is open, and facing the dawning sun. You, of course, are not casting a shadow.

Which is the problem. There should be more complexity in the shadows ( which increases the render time! ). The dome was made more complex, with bump-mapped texturing... and the roundel textures are made partially "transparent" to background illumination. But these are not actually casting any light in the interior. I could separate the roundels from the dome, and make them fully transparent to an array of infinite lights... but that will increase render time!

Anyway... I may have to try this again... when I've got a WEEK or two to devote my creaking computer to rendering another attempt.

Meanwhile... here is a slightly closer-in shot, focusing more on the console itself:


Well...... many reasons, really.

Partly from... from living in a society which places greater value on things like the promotion of corporate hyper-commercialization, rather than the fulfillment of individual dreams. Things like television programming, such as "American Idolatry" and "Promoting Politicians by having their Kids go DANCIN' WITH THE STARS!!!".

And other things, like...


Ah... well... I admit, it's partly my own fault. A penchant for disorganization, and... er... a bit of laziness... but...


Okay. Things like... um... this:

So... basically, chalk it up to one leading an unnecessarily over-complicated life-style.

The console, itself, is but one of a series of interrelated projects. For all of these, I "need" to have the facilities of the instruments, shown above, which comprise my "workbench".

As one can see, these instruments are mostly of "vintage" type. At least, that's what they call them on ebay... ( which, to the American surplus market, is what Commodity Trading is to the Stock Market. Thanks a lot... Meg Whitman. ).

Though mostly battleship-built by Hewlett-Packard, in the "good-old-days" ( ...hey! These are the things got us to the MOON and back! And what have we done since?... ) they still all require a bit of care-and-feeding. Some require a bit of repair... many are not properly calibrated. All need to be studied... and routinely performance-checked.

And I really do need to get better organized... if for no other reason than to alleviate at least some of my apartment-manager's deep suspicions concerning all this "junk".

Eventually, then, at least part of what I hope to do, here, is to chronicle some of the trials and procedures I will be performing to get all of these little gems "up-to-snuff".

So... at this point in my life, it's either this, or give up and sit back to... watch television.

What other choice do I have?

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