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The Steampunk Console Project

A Break from... The Steampunk Console Project...

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A Break from... The Steampunk Console Project...

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A break? From what???... as if I've been actually doing anything!

Well, actually, I have. Which I will now waste a little bandwidth in trying to explain.

I've been watching TV.

... but not just any ol' tv... no! I've been watching "Fringe". Which, without a doubt, is my favorite TV series, now.

The entire cast is great!... but, I would have to say that the lion's share of the credit-pie ( naturally, I would have to express it in terms of food ) would have to go to John Noble, for his wholly convincing portrayal of the quirky "mad" scientist, Walter Bishop. Certainly, the actor's dramatic flair has given his role a depth of character such as is seldom seen in many, if any at all, "real" scientists, these days.

It might, therefore, just possibly be... that "Walter Bishop" is the most immediately recognizable "scientific" figure of today.

Which makes what I'm about to say, especially from the perspective of having formerly been a... "lab-rat"... once, myself, all the more difficult...

The series is guilty of lab-equipment abuse. Especially the volumetric flasks!

You see it in every episode... Volumetric flasks set to boiling some strange colored liquid atop a Bunsen burner... with bubbling-jacketed glass-jointed condensers, not even made to fit, jammed into the top... with lengths of plastic tubing stuck down the neck for even more bubbling of unknown gases through yet more oddly-colored liquids... Desiccators! Half-filled with yet even more strange liquids!... and on and on and on... Oh!... Cruelty to Corning-ware!

Well that, at least, has prompted me to return, for now, to 3D-rendering as a pastime. With my current project being that of looking into a possible 3D re-creation of Walter's lab.

Someone, it seems, has to show them how it's done.


Fringe Friday

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