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The Steampunk Console Project

'Tis the Season!... again.

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'Tis the Season!... again.

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Forgotten Realms Fringe Division
And, in more ways than one, of course.

Naturally, I'm sorry to say that, after an almost infinite series of stops, starts, and other obstacles, I haven't made nearly as much progress on the console as I would have wished.

But I am happy to say that my progress in tooling-up for the task has taken some major strides!

After the addition of my G8689 Mini-Mill from Grizzly Industrial, I have finally acquired and begun the set-up of my new Lathemaster 8x16 bench-top mini-lathe! Once the tramming and leveling is done, on the benches I built for these machines long-overdue from my life, the next step is to get set up with all the basic accessories needed for getting started.

Then, hopefully, once I've gotten some experience and run through a couple of projects, I will be able to attempt reinitialization of the regular submission of some reviews and articles to this blog.

Of course, both the mill and the lathe originated in China.

Sad to say, I'm still too poor to have been able to afford any other option. And I would suppose that this is true of many of the truly "small-but-hopeful-businesses" ( the ones earning considerably less than one-hundred-million dollars a year! ) just starting out.

Then, later on, if success ensues, the acquisition of pricier American-made tool-works can proceed. This is the useful advantage of those Chinese goods. What they sometimes lack in quality and finish can usually ( hopefully ) be made up for with the small-businessman's ( or hobbyist's ) application of elbow-grease, and time. And the price is right, and that can only help the small concern ( or the budding craftsman ) to get going.

Anyway... I suppose,then, that I'd better buy what I need before some potential future president decides to get "tough with China".

And so, in the spirit of the season and reason, I present the following:

Just a quickly edited cut & paste image that was inspired by a "poster" depicting Candidate Romney as the Creature ( originally played by Peter Boyle ) of "Young Frankenstein", to be found at:


The tentative title for this image is:

"What Hunk?"

With that title, of course, referring to Igor's famous "hump" line, and also the recent "workout" photos released by Paul Ryan for the apparent purpose of impressing female voters.

With apologies to the late and great Marty Feldman.
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