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The Steampunk Console Project


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Forgotten Realms Fringe Division

Sorry... got caught up in a wave of enthusiasm over my work on a sonic potato peeler. It's probably better that I set that one aside for now.

In the meantime, I have much to report on. So... on a related issue... lead me start off with this one:

If you happened to glance at the last entry ( assuming that anyone at all is still interested ) you may have noticed that the console's Synthesizer panel sports a new version of the previously documented "Dalamps". So named because the shape of the main components of these assemblies ( in this case a "Hemingray-9" glass railroad insulator, as shown immediately below ) bear a vague resemblance to the protective metal outer shells of a certain fictional race of homicidal little squids-in-a-can. Not to mention those voicebox-running-light thingies mounted on top of their armored and ugly little heads.

At any rate, here will be presented a brief description of their construction.... the "Dalamps", that is, not the canned squid. Eventually. Some photos first... to which I will edit in some descriptive comments, later on.

For now, it's late... Letterman is on... and I haven't eaten dinner yet.

Now... what did I do with that potato peeler?...

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