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25 November 1952
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What to say?

Ok, then... for now, just the facts:

Born in Fresno, California, on November 25, 1952 ( ...yeah, I'm already fast approaching becoming an old guy...).

Graduated from California State University Fresno, in June 1978, with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and a minor in physics.

Worked at various analytical and industrial labs, still in Fresno, which is about as far as that B.S. will take one without any significant social contacts.

I finally realized, altogether too late in 1991, that a career based upon breathing acid fumes and exposing oneself to potent carcinogens while being harried worse than an air-traffic controller ( only without the pay scale ) was not in my best interests. And so, still deluding myself with the belief that a stable and honest career has to be achieved before the pursuit of any of life's other commitments, I converted my electronics hobby ( and nothing else ) to a job skill. I then found employment with a local company, but still in Fresno, where I worked with naive loyalty for many years.

In early 1995 I wrote a science-fiction book, based upon my fascination with the concept of time-travel, and the British TV series "Doctor Who". Arrg!...don't ask!

And then... circumstances ( apparently at least partly including reasons not entirely unrelated to the above... I said don't ask! )... taught me the meaning of the terms "office politics", and "downsizing", and also "Nooobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!".

Follow this with a short string of short term jobs ( yes... still in Fresno )... turned 50 something... sold the house ( just barely in the nick of time )... and currently I am doing my duty as yet another casualty of this nations' glorious partisan politics, and all of the wonderful economic repercussions that very naturally entails.

I am finally attempting to complete one of my more... ambitious... projects.

Oh! And I've moved 10 miles east to Clovis. So... there has been some improvement.

Though, mind you, not for Fresno's reputation.